Beginning Your Practice

A thorough practice session, and this course, begins with postures and movements of humility, prayer and meditative presence. Arriving in this state of being acknowledges the greater energetic influences and possibilities that are involved in Qi Gong practice.  After learning about conscious presence, the course will focus on warm up exercises that open the joints and lengthen the tendons and nerves. This shift into conscious movement will improve co-ordination and challenge the habits of how each person embodies distress, fatigue and tension.

This video will focus on the most essential warm up exercise for any serious practitioner, or a basic introduction to Qi Gong for new practitioners. The first half of the introductory video covers the following exercises:

Opening Salutation – San Dao Jing Li – a traditional opening and closing for every practice.

Warming your lower energy center – Wen Dan Tian – opening to energetic awareness and conscious movement

Expanding your energy outwards

Settling your energy inwards

Arm Swinging and Waist wrapping

Lengthening and bending side to side, for safely stretching out your back and legs



Video One – Part Two includes:

The Dreaming Elephant Stretch for shoulders back and chest

The Baby Elephant Stretch for inside the shoulder joint and relaxing the shoulders downwards

Old Man Strokes Beard – an exercise for improving posture and reflecting on our sense of confidence

The comprehensive shoulder stretch – the name says it all

An exercise for opening your pelvis and hips

This is a follow along through a practice video. There is minimal verbal instruction so you can experience the exercises in order without interruption. It is also an opportunity to see how well you have learned the details from the instructional videos. If you find that you are missing a lot of the finer details, please go back and review the instructional videos until you have learned each exercise completely.



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