Ba Duan Jin – Eight Peices of Brocade

The Ba Duan Jin is easily the most well know Qi Gong form on the planet. Originally developed by the famous General Yue Fei to help condition his soldiers, this form has evolved into one of the fundamental forms all Qi Gong practitioners and teachers aspire to mastering. This form includes eight exercise, each with it’s own special focus and opportunity for deepening your practice.

Before showing you the form I wanted introduce you to the Four Levels of Qi Gong practice.

Also, before you get into the form I want to help you wake up your pocket muscles. This will help you move from your center.

Now that you have some tools for deeper body awareness, here is the basic version of the Ba Duan Jin.

The advanced version of the form is much more involved and demanding on your body. I recommend being careful as you learn this and don’t overdo it until you are certain your body is strong and flexible enough for these exercises.

Once you are confident that you have learned the exercises properly then try and follow along with little instruction. If you find that you have lost some details go back to the step-by-step videos. I would estimate that it will take about two months to internalize all of the details if you are practicing every day.



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