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Can Qi Gong be taught online?

1online learnYes, I think Qi Gong can be learned, to a certain extent, online.  There are a few courses available online already. Given the technology so many people have access to, any time they want, and the level of interaction possible, a person could learn enough to have a very deep practice.  Of course, like any art, the more you interact with other artists, especially those with more experience that you, the better of an artist you will likely become.  I often tell my students, after teaching them something new and subtle, “give that aspect of Qi Gong about 20 years, give or take 20 years”.

If you were to go to China and have the good fortune to be able to learn from a high level and famous teacher (they don’t always go together), you would most like find yourself in the 1qgcrowdback row of a very large and crowded room.  You may catch a glimpse of the teacher of Master every once in a while.  Occasionally, he or she may ask everyone to sit down when they demonstrate a specific skill, allowing you to finally really see them move. In this imagined learning situation, let’s also hope they have a really good translator.  Perhaps, after a few years, some people have gone on to other things, some of the higher level students in the front row have gone on to teach themselves and you find yourself in the middle of the crowd.  you are following the people ahead of you, other mew students behind you are probably following you.  Years later, you find yourself in the front row.  Maybe you are finally watching your teacher every day, or you are watching his chosen disciple every day.

Believe it or not, that is how many westerners who have gone to China have learned Qi Gong.  Watching from a distance, working out the details over many years.

I have had teachers who spoke almost no English, even before I knew enough Chinese to ask a question that mattered.  I learned a great deal from these men and women because I had no choice. I had to watch, learn, imitate and wait for as long as it took for a correction or advice.

So, again, YES!  I feel very strongly that, if a person was interested, dedicated and consistent in their personal practice, they could learn Qi Gong from a video.  To a certain extent, anyway. At some point, each of us has to spend time with a highly experienced practitioner. There are aspects of any art that are very individual and require patience and wisdom to change.

I am willing to be that person for anyone who finishes the entire curriculum on this website or anyone who has signed up for the teacher training program.



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