Dr. Michael Smith

Dr. Ba Gua Book CoverMichael Smith began his studies of Qi Gong and Martial Arts at the age of ten. At 17 years of age he began to study Qi Gong, Daoism and all of the internal Chinese Martial Arts with Eric Tuttle, a lineage holding martial artist, Qi Gong expert and exemplary meditation teacher. Upon completing his studies with Shifu Tuttle, he lived as a hermit for a time to go deeply into practice.

 After that Michael studied with several of the greatest Daoist and martial arts Masters in the western world.  Teachers and Masters like Liang Jue Xuan, Guan Sai Hung, Liang Shou Yu and Xu Gong Wei  inspired him to complete the requirements to be ordained as a Daoist Lay Priest (Jushi) and become licensed as a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine. He is also a co-founder of the prestigious Academy of Classical Oriental Sciences, is the Clinical Director at Integrative Health Solutions and the Founder of the Dreaming Elephant Daoist Studies Institute.

Follow this link to his clinic website if you are in need of support with your health.


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